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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  November 10, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EST

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pictures worth a thousand word, what does this one say? this morning on the fox 29 morning news what philadelphia police admit about a picture gone viral showing sleeping officers inside a squad car. good morning to you, chris. attorney general kathleen kane will be back in the montgomery county courtroom, answering more charges, as the state senate committee decides whether she can still do her job without a law license, sue. well, one of those mornings you will look out the window and say i wanting to back to bed. rain rolling in overnight, it is with us this morning, we will tell you how long it will last coming up in your weather authority forecast, lauren. sue, we're still flying high eagles won big on sunday but bird suffered a big loss
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in the process, the injury, keeping jordan hicks, sidelined. good day, everybody it is tuesday, november 10th, 2015. so today, it is national forget me not today and national vanilla cup cake day. >> so, don't let me forget to have a vanilla cup cake. not chocolate just vanilla. >> that is right. >> very specific on these national days, sue. >> he will well, yeah, because lauren and i was thinking her dress looked like a chocolate cup cake with vanilla icing. >> yes. >> let's get started this morning with a look at ultimate doppler radar because that tells the tail of all of the rain that will be moving through, throughout the rest of the morning and probably throughout the rest of the day. zooming in very heavy rain every place you see yell will owe, sussex county delaware, kent county delaware and now moving into new castle county a as well as we look at our neighborhood here. philadelphia, we've got heavy downpours, rolling in as well,
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right up i-95 and up to bucks and montgomery counties. gloucester, new jersey where we're also seeing heavy rain. it is really, kind of inundated at the moment, and it will be on and off for the rest of the day. so there will be a few times here and there when we won't have rain. we have 55 degrees. we have milder air moving in, along with the rain and it looks like it is in the 50's, just about every where, wind are starting to pick up as well, so we're going to see rain on and off throughout the the day, it makes for an easy forecast in the the 50's by 9:00, around 60 by 12:00 noon and 59 degrees by 5:00 p.m. so that 60ish temperature will be with us all day, we went get sunshine to take us any warmer. that takes care of your damp, tuesday, and that is an under statement, right bob kelly. >> it will be ayuky day. before we went on the air we said today you check your personal days and if you have have to use them or lose them,
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today may be a a good day to use one. ninety-five, slow spot the this morning, northbound, where crews are still working here at the betsy ross bridge. it is right at the off ramp, other i should say on ramp from the betsy ross bridge to head north on i-95. a steady rain, at the this hour as you get ready to step outside the front door. no reports of any big ponding or flooding at the moment, but a as sue mentioned with the rain with us through most of the morning we will find it eventually. here's what it looks like on the 42 freeway, wipers on. we've got spray kicking up off the cars and trucks in front of you there. it will definitely take you longer to take then yesterday. pack your patients, factor in extra time, the ben franklin bridge looking good this morning. no problems or delays at all, the the schuylkill, again, slower than normal speeds, typically, probably maybe 10 miles less per hour, rolling into downtown, no problems coming south on i-95 and left over work crew here on the northeast extension
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between quakertown and lansdale. chris, back to you. 4:04. immigration ruling, successful student protest and what a popular medication dan restaurant will reopen. lauren has a look at our national the headlines, hi lauren. >> court has voted two-one to up hold a lower court ruling against barack owe bam's a plan to prevent an estimate $5.000000 people from being deported. republicans say the the plan is executive over reach. the white house says the the effort is within the authority of the executive branch. off field victory for dozens of black players at the university of missouri. they joined forces with students demanding resignation of the university of missouri system president tim wolf and threatened to boycott practice and games. well, he resign. the chancellor of the columbia campus will leave that post at the end of the year. students say wolf was indifferent to racial tensions. the lets get back to headlines closer to home. the picture of two philadelphia officers sleeping
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on the job went viral over the the weekend. police first telling us they needed to verify this picture. steve keeley is live at police headquarters with what we have learned this morning, hi there, steve. >> reporter: lauren, in the the that we need a reminder but thinks an age where everybody holding a phonies a a photographer, everybody on every social cities a reporter and every copies on a microscope, telescope, and this picture passed around since saturday morning has spread around to all of the officers and their supervisors here in the philadelphia police department who easily and quickly identified these two officers 24th patrolman that we are not showing their sleeping faces yet since we don't have have their side of the story yet or whole story behind the picture just yet but police administrators say they are working to get the whole story and being taken very another justly because it doesn't just put police in a bad light but potentially puts these two officers in danger. >> very dangerous, to have two officers sleeping, i mean we're lucky we're not burying
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two officers. that may sound dramatic but if someone was able to get close enough to take a photograph of these officers same thing could have been done in terms of these officers being hurt or kill. so, we're lucky we are not burying two officers but once again, it is something that we don't like to see. >> when they are sleeping, there could be a crime going on right behind the police car and they won't even know about it. >> drug deals, could be a stabbing or a rape. >> reporter: so no comment yet from the officer a's union fraternal order of police. chris and lauren we put a couple calls from them from the fox 29 news department and we have not heard back yet. they are probably looking into it themselves. >> okay, steve keeley, picture has gone viral, thanks very much. we will check back. kathleen kane continues to be on the hot seat. >> the state attorney jennies set for a preliminary hearing accused of leaking secret grand jury information and then lying bit. dave kinchen joins us live
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from outside the montgomery county courthouse with more on this, dave, good morning. >> reporter: this will be a second set of charge that he is attorney general kathleen kane will be dealing work in this preliminary hearing but there is another big question, that a state, senate committee is probing as well, lets go to video of that, the big question, can she still do her job, without a law license, and in fact should she remain in her job. as we go to that video this is a wig question this senate panel looked at. kane lost her law license after being criminal willly charged with leaking secret grand jury information and then lying under oath to cover it up, 3-d a's were called to speak, before the group and asked if they needed to do their job with a law license. prosecutors say they need active licenses for every aspect of their work. the attorney general says that most of her duties are managerial, and that she can do those duties without a law license. listen to the somerset county
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district attorney talk about the ag's suspended license could impact her job in prosecuting cases. >> on my way here my chief detective called me and we have a joint task force, a joint task force that is currently operating through the attorney general's office and her question is what do we do? do we suspend that investigation? do we wait for the outcome, whatever decision is made? i really had to say that is something we will have to address when i get back to the office. there is a direct impact where considering the ripple effects of the ability to ultimately prosecute those cases where you are utilizing the attorney general funds and resources. >> reporter: and also challenging that committee's authority in removing her from office. she says she has done nothing wrong. she said that she should be impeached if they want her out but that would have to start in the house and not in the senate side, guys. >> dave kinchen we will keep a
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eye on this case as it develops on this tuesday morning. thank you. investigators are trying to determine if the house fire we first told but yesterday morning might be connect to other fires from earlier this year. >> fire crews battled these flames on memphis street around 2:00 in philadelphia's port richmond section. no one was hurt but neighbors say, there heard a strange blast, before this fire broke out and neighbors say since the summer there have been two fires in row homes, two others at the the home next to it. neighbors fear that these fires might be intentional. >> it is very concerning, and very concerning for my mother and all of the people living on this block. >> i fear more my daughter. >> fire investigators are checking record for past incidents a at this home to verify those neighbors claims. gloucester county police looking for two men involve in the home invasion, this incident happened on old dutch mill road, on sunday. >> police arrived at that home, lauren mentioned to find
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a man beaten up and tied up, if you have any information you are asked to call police. philadelphia police say two people killed in fairmount park last friday were executed and they are calling this a crime of passion. twenty-five year-old shekor arlene and three two-year old lisa smith were involved in the sexual relationship and both of them had separate relation ships with other people. police said two had met in the park in the past and police think someone followed them before they were both shot at the close range several times. police say they have not found a car that hit and killed a nine year-old boy. they are waiting for a search warrant to search it today. they have a arrested the man who hit the child and kept driving. prosecutors are charging 23 year he old royce at the kins. a atkins struck darius conndash friday night in hanover township. according to investigators the boy was crossing street with the friend and cousin, went back and picked up some candy he dropped and that is when he was hit. he later died at the hospital. an anonymous tip led them to
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atkins. a atkins right now is behind bars. this is terrible, have you seen this, rats forced a local family out of their home, where did the rodents could becoming from.
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happy birthday wish to miranda a lambert, who is 32 years old but we're in the done there, lauren.
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>> who else. >> this is tracie morgan, he is 47 years old today. on the mend after that horrible crash in june of 2014. >> celebrities are not only ones who deserve birthday shout outs, when we do this we get tweet we get tweeting will you wish my mom, daughter, happy birth the day. use the hashtag fox 29 good day so we can give it and give shout outs. >> i'm glad you are on board because you typically roll your eyes, stupid birthday is it today. >> it is in the birthday. i'm a big birthday person. but when it is like, steve ray vaughn on the cover with the album with pink highlighters, and then when i was in second grade. >> stevey ray vaughn, came to fame, back in 1982/83 and went on to have a solo career. >> that is when i roll my eyes. >> that horrible crash in 1990. but let's say could not stand
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weather, by stevey ray vaughn because we have some texas roadside weather. >> it is not fun out there this morning. we have a look before we get to the forecast, at a tropical storm that formed yesterday. hopefully you saw it on my facebook page sue serio fox 29, shameless plug. the the good news about this storm is that it is expected to remain out to sea, as all of the spaghetti plots there every computer model has it staying away from the east coast of the united states. let's hope it stays that way. we have our own storm, not a tropical storm will but storm bringing lots of rain and it is displacing our high pressure system that made it a decent day yesterday. you can see kate getting close but no cigar as far as that tropical moisture but we have got plenty of rain in the the area let's zoom in and see where it is heaviest. it looks like it is southern new castle county delaware and that rain spread nothing to salem county in new jersey, gloucester, camden counties as well. lighter rain along the jersey
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shore and here, in philadelphia a, steady rain at the moment but it is on and off. we have seen some heavier rain across the, across the river, a and that is where that is. camden county, new jersey. only place that isn't getting rain is pocono mountains, lehigh rally, for now. so when all is said and done the the rainfall estimates will average a quarter inch, when you see that it is less rain, south and east of the city, more rain along that i-95 corridor. so we will end up with a inch of rain when all is said and done and way it is time out it will effect morning and evening commutes. we will get a a lull in the middle of the day in this steady rain. it will be heavy at times especially south and east of i-95. windy conditions too. wind will gradually pick up throughout the day, some wind gusts could be 20 to 30 miles an hour. nothing like wind driven rain to make it an extra bad hair day. 50 degrees mount pocono. fifty pottstown. fifty-five philadelphia a warmer a air came with the rain and we were in the 20's
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and 30's at this time yesterday. fifty-four in wilmington. 61 degrees, it is mild, in wildwood, this morning. 6-mile an hour wind at the moment but as i said these wind will pick up. we have 15-mile an hour wind in wildwood and other parts of the jersey shore. so that wind driven rain is on the way. 61 degrees yesterday, we will be right around that today as we take a look at the seven day forecast. all right. maybe we won't. we will say that we have 61 degrees, again today, and something got stuck there. all right. there is another look the at the tropical storm. we will have to keep you waiting bob kelly for the much anticipated seven day forecast. >> i didn't spill coffee in the computer keyboard, it was not me. 4:17. left over construction, not as many crews out from last night as we typically have. a lot of them wrapped up early as rain rolled through. north on 202, look out approaching 401 there is a crew in the far right lane but all of the construction zones are going to be a little will
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rough this morning, because as they shuffle those lanes around the drainage grates are in the travel lanes. 495 northbound off ramp to terminal avenue is closed with construction. they are still working on the extension between quakertown and lansdale, here's a live look at route one hundred right there, look at the overhead street lamps to give you an idea of the steady rain hitting us here in chester county. we are seeing ponding on the road, surface, it will be ayuky, morning rush hours, and not so much the morning rush hour, all day long, a live look downtown, they did not close the vine street expressway last night, so we're good to go with construction there, and 95, look out steve keeley said he did some hydroplaning here. i would have loved to caught that on camera. ninety-five southbound on the construction zone between allegheny and girard. that is example i was just telling you about in the construction zones where they moved all those lanes around you could be driving, through, and natural puddle because
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that is where drain is located, so it is always difficult when we get heavy rain and it is tough to see lane markers too when roads are wet and we don't have overhead street lamps. otherwise no problems on the turnpike, schuylkill looking good. mass transit running with no delays, chris and lauren, back to you. this story sure to gross you out and it is only on fats. the rats bigger than cats invading one south philadelphia a row home. they are in the bedroom, crawling around the kitchen. >> diana our camera operator just shivered looking at this video. family tells us these rats have taken over. they want answers from the philadelphia housing authority but said they could not get the anywhere so they called us here at fox 29. chris o'connell went to investigate. >> i was terrified. i'm scared. sometimes i don't want to sleep here. >> reporter: instead of the taking videos of her one and ten year-old boys. >> i put photo like this. >> reporter: she has been shooting these new members of her household.
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>> these rats can hurt you. >> reporter: videos taken almost every day for weeks showing rats coming through the woodwork, eating right through the walls of the family dorn street home. it started few months ago by this property owned by the philadelphia a housing authority. so how big and bad are these rats? well, big enough to steel an entire dinner. >> the whole plate, macaroni cheese was smeared. >> reporter: the rat ate the stake off the plate. >> i called him and said my god his food is gone. >> reporter: neighbors think the house next door may be the the cause of the recent infestation. although in one was home when we were there we have learn that the cities department of the licenses and inspections has taken that neighbor to court for long list of code violations but for now, the rats rule this house. >> you know, it is like they
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don't care. they got the house. >> reporter: family says they cannot afford $500 an exterminate or says will fix the the problem and they say they have contacted pha at least five times and can't get anyone to show up. they want the problem fix or a new home. >> i don't feel safe in this house not the with no rats. i never lived with rats before and i don't want to. >> reporter: chris o'connell for fox 29 news. >> yuck, right. >> yes. >> so we have reached out to the philadelphia housing authority and spokesperson promisessed they will look into this case you just saw. >> a family tells us that the department of health has agreed to pay a visit to the home later today. we will keep you up kateed on what happens. >> you don't rest ease any that house knowing is what crawling around. >> no. >> 4:21. a wig win and big loss for the eagles on sunday. they beat the cowboys but they lost a player, to the injured reserve list, the star of the game, really, the big pick six right here. why jordan hicks is now off the field, we will give you an
4:22 am
update on his injuries. >> but first the winning lot theory numbers. >> winning.
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eagles saved their season sunday night a big overtime win but lost a good player. >> that player will be jordan
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hicks who was a big part of the game on sunday night. that interception the the first of his lifetime, for a pick six but he tore his pectoral tendon. hicks was only a rookie but impressed the veterans. >> he has obviously contribute add lot this year for us, as a rookie, his production has been off the the charts. he has been a settling voice in the huddle when demeco has been out and so he is a young linebacker that is athletic enough to match up a against tight ends and some backs. >> the 76ers, maybe on their way to history on the wells fargo center. last year they lost 17 straight to start the season. the last night against chicago, boy, that was terrific. didn't that look good. 111-88. sixers have lost seven straight to start the season. they will try again. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> speaking of sports you know i have been trying to stick with it in the gym, right. >> yes. >> yesterday i was kind of tired, sluggish but i left
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meeting and said i will go to the gym. >> right around noon. >> i went home, run a few blocks up the street, went to the gym, and i get there, and i'm the only girl in the class yesterday. >> really. >> now you loved that. >> well, usually we pair up together so the the four guys appeared in groups of two and then there is lj. i pulled them up at the even. you guys think you are tough. they pick me up, all 163 pounds. >> you weigh 163. >> 163.8 to be exact. >> here's the deal, these guys in the picture. >> yes. >> were they nervous about where they were going to hold you. >> they didn't know what to do. >> what did you want to us do. >> where can we hold you. >> the guys on the far left are cute, did you talk to them. >> no, they were working out. >> okay. >> sure. >> donald trump may soon become a tea lover, why the presidential hopeful wants you to boycott a popular, coffee
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here's why two philadelphia police officers inside a
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patrol car and they appear to be sleeping. steve keeley tell us what police plan to do about this. national fight for money continues where protesters are expect to go strike and what can you do to get involved. good day everyone it is november 10th, 2015, waking up to a wet tuesday in morning. >> yes, sue promised it yesterday and said it would be kind of nasty outside and here it is. >> there. >> so ask yourself. >> it is v-o-i-l-a. >> viola a. >> it is english here. >> it will take a very dedicated tutor to help him. >> yes. a psychiatrist. >> well, you know, it takes a village. the multi areas of rain, i don't know why i said multi but i'm multi tasking i guess we have heaviest rain in sussex county, delaware, deposits of heavy rain has moved into salem county in new jersey. cape may is about to get heavy
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rain as well. here in philadelphia a it is pretty steady that rain and steady rain is expected to linger throughout the the rest of the morning. earlier you can leave the better off you will be today because we will need some extra time as this rain will slow you down. 55 degrees right now. wind are not too bad, but we expect them to pick up. temperatures have warmed up sips yesterday. thank goodness or we would be talking frozen precipitation. we are in the 50's every where. 49 degrees in lancaster. sixty-one in wildwood. wind are out of the north east at 6 miles an hour. it is windier in wildwood, you can see wind have pick up in dover, delaware sustained at 21 miles an hour. plan on rain on and off throughout the the day. we may get a midday lull, in the steady rain and maybe just some drizzle but it will still be around, it will be at a high of 60, 61 degrees, rain returns in the evening, making for a messy evening commute. so bob kelly, you get it both end of the the day, morning
4:32 am
and the the evening. >> get you coming and going. 4:32. good morning everybody. live look at the schuylkill expressway right here near belmont avenue antenna a towers for philly's hottest radio stations in bala in the background but you can see the example of the spray and i call them the cher joost, rain drops on the camera lens here. the just ayuky starts. a as we are's rolling through on any major roadways you hit those drains and leaves that have been falling could easily clog one up and send you hydroplaning. north on the freeway, steady rain, wipers on as you work your way toward philadelphia, south on i-95, all of the construction is out of there but watch it between allegheny and girard in the construction zones. hydroplaning possible there and i know steve keeley went slipping and sliding this morning as he helpedded in to downtown. mainly because of the drainage grates and all that water falling into what is the travel lane with the new construction pattern. north on 495, the the off ramp
4:33 am
to terminal avenue is block, as sue mentioned, some heavier rain coming through the shore area, coming up through delaware, probably, going to bet you a a jelly dough he nut we will have delays at philly international today. pack your patients heading down to catch a flight out of the airport. 422, they are expect to have midday crews out and in the sure if they will be rained out or not, but watch the deer out there this morning. the slower than normal working your way in toward king of prussia chris and lauren back to you. back to this picture, police say thinks not a depicts on of the entire philadelphia police department but this picture is really making the round. >> steve keeley is live with what we learned about that photo, hi there steve. >> reporter: we are in the modern high tech world so picture is not just worth a thousand words they get tens of thousands of views on twitter and facebook and among them a lot of views here at the police headquarters. we are not showing faces of the two officers in uniform and in a marked patrol car,
4:34 am
napping and nodding off, apparently off-duty, we don't know. the on break, we don't know. but people seeing this already have opinions. police management have the names to go with those faces from the 24th district covering kensington and port richmond. >> i don't think it is an excuse. >> absolutely for sure 100 percent very bad, not good, shame on them. >> it is a little concerning but i guess i don't know the context of the picture. >> i don't know if they should get fired for it but there needs to be some reprimand. >> they are supposed to be watching the the city because i mean, there is always somebody out on the loose that is out to get you. when they are sleeping there could be a crime going on right behind the police car and they don't know. >> definitely disciplinary action will be initiated on the officers involved. we're rubbing i we're in the burying two officers. i know that may sound dramatic
4:35 am
but reality is if someone was close enough to take a photograph of these officers, the the same thing could have been done in terms of these officers being either hurt or killed. picture was put on twitter sat the day morning, shared and spread to facebook all weekend. by yesterday morning police bosses and internal affairs already investigating, also looking into it and so far not putting out a statement yesterday. fraternal order of police. we called union yesterday and last night and have not heard back yet but i'm sure they have a a completely different side of the story and maybe will provide the the context that we are still missing right now, chris and lauren. >> yes, we need that context. thank you. former delaware county police office's accused of killing his ex-girl friend plead guilty in a, different stalking case. >> steven is accused of killing, valerie marrow, working as a part-time colwyn police officer at the time. investigators say he began stalking a and air harassing her after he broke off the the relationship. the his attorneys say he pleaded guilty in the up
4:36 am
related stalking case in montgomery county so he could focus on his murder trial. we all know this, fire, gas pumps don't make for a good mix and that played out at broad and girard. sky fox over the scene yesterday in north philadelphia around 2:00 in the afternoon where temple university police cruiser burst into flames at b p gas station. fire officials have not told us what started the fire just yet but we do know no one was hurt. 4:36. president obama wants you to like him. what our commander in chief is doing that proves once and for all he is just like you and me. for the girl scout meeting...
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okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! giant just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant.
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foods food workers demanding a minimum wage increase. group's fight for 15 plans to stage protestness nearly 300 cities across the the u.s., that includes local demonstrations right here in our community n delaware county, workers will talk about the wage issue outside of the delaware county courthouse. right here in philadelphia a workers are planning to protest, under paid employees will rally a at 3100 block of allegheny avenue at 6:00 this morning. so they plan to march to city hall to make their voices heard. fast food, home care, janitorial and other workers are demanding $15 an hour with union rights.
4:40 am
46 percent of workers in america are paid less than $15 a hour. eight local municipalities in delaware and chester county will be given grant from peco to help with green projects. townships and boros will be given grants from three to $10,000. it will help with projects that includes preserving local parks. g.o.p. presidential hopeful donald trump is weighing in the star bucks red cup controversy. >> he is suggesting a boycott. he doesn't like this years minimal design to the holiday trump. trump hoist a devout christian joins other groups protesting lack of christmas theme on the cups this this year. he told thousands in illinois yesterday if he becomes president, everybody would be allowed to say, merry christmas. someone had a good solution, drink local, you won't have to worry about what is on the star bucks cup. >> that is true. >> use the holiday cup alex gave me which says not the brightest bulb. >> that is good. >> thanks, a a lot. that was not nice of her.
4:41 am
>> 4:41 is the time. cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia a is hosting be the match today. >> folks are encouraged to come out from 10:00 to 2:00 and find out if they are eligible to donate bone marrow. goal, to add new members, finding compatible donors can save the life with someone living with blood cancers such as leukemia villanova university alumni matt caesar will be on hand for the event. he helped save a 15 year-old girl's life when he donated stem cells in 2009. health officials have found no source of the e-coli out break that started in chipotle that made 40 people sick in the pacific northwest. chain closed 45 stores in washington state and oregon. they are reopening but chipotle must replace all of the produce and deep clean infected stores ape have to pass local health inspections. chris murphy, i have the biggest story of the morning for you. >> really, led zeppelin is getting back together. >> chloe kardashian is dating.
4:42 am
>> my god. >> the the clear signs that she said letting us know she has moved on from her ex-hubby lemar hubby.
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4:44 am
you said this song was
4:45 am
soft. >> there is a group called the beatles, they were big in the 50's. >> ringo. >> john paul, george, ringo and two chains. >> philadelphia's animal control does a a lot. >> it need your help when it comes to the 30,000 unwanted animals that end up there each and every year. so, another member that is getting help from eye catching men and sweet animals. philadelphia a's new caldor hulks and hound are out. >> proceed help ac ct philly get these puppies and kittens in to loving homes. families who cannot afford to feed their fury family members even by medical equipment. >> how do you get your hand on this. head to fox and click on the as seen on tv tan. >> were you saying something. >> they were here, the hungs were here and the kittens were here on the program a couple of fox thursday ago. >> hey. >> hello. >> with a body like that i would never wear a shirt.
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>> that was an eight pack i think. >> so anyway, here we are, the storm has moved closer, and it will continue to do so, double barreled low pressure system and heading up the coast here. you know what this is? this is our latest tropical storm. name is kate but it is not expect to a affect us at all, so that is what is going on with our weather. lets look at live radar and zoom in ande plenty of areas of steady to heavy rain, moving through anywhere you see yellow is where rain is heaviest and we have seen this all morning when we got started in sussex county, delaware and edging into cape may county as well. look at camden county, gloucester county, salem county, they have been getting heavy rain. in atlantic city area we are about to get heavy rain, pretty light there right now here in philadelphia, we have had steady rain all morning but heaviest stuff is across the river in mount laurel and runnemede, new jersey. so, there poconos not yet but
4:47 am
you'll get your share as well as that system moves northward. so morning and evening commutes will be affect by this, we expect steady rain, both end of the day and maybe a little bit of the lull in between. rain could be heavier at times an inch or more total in some places and as we go through the day wind will pick up, gusting at times to 20, to 30 miles an hour. wind driven rain, isn't that fun to drive-in, not. here's some rainfall totals that we have estimated by one of our computer models, 1.2 inches, little less south and east and around the same north and west of us. the right now temperatures air lot milder then yesterday, thank goodness we were still in the 20's and 30's we would be talking about that s word that we don't want to mention. fifty-four in philadelphia, getting to 61 by end of the day. 65 degrees tomorrow. mostly cloudy but dry, more rain, returns. that returns on thursday, and then by friday it is sunny,
4:48 am
breeze which a high of 60. we will chill out with another cold front moving through saturday with a high of 55. still child on sunday but nice day in store for monday, so today, and thursday, those are your rainy days, bob kelly, plan your time accordingly. >> yes, exactly, maybe one of those yucky days. you mentioned south jersey, mount laurel area up and down 295, new jersey turnpike we are seeing heavier rain and naturally the speed getting knock down automatically down to 40 miles an hour on route 73, 49 coming in the city there on i-95. so slower her down make sure wipers are honest specially these early morning hours and all these leaves fallen, they will play some tricks on us in the neighborhoods this morning. forty-two we have got steady rain and that spray coming up off the cars and trucks in front of you there. vine street the expressway they did not work last night because of the rain so we are off to a good start, road are opened into and out of the center city philadelphia here's a live look at the blue
4:49 am
route 476 so from conshohocken, all the way into south jersey we are getting blanketed with rain even in delaware. no matter where we begin and end your trip this hour you will get it. eastbound on the schuylkill slower than normal, i-95 slower than normal speeds. coming up from wilmington, that 495 off ramp to terminal avenue remains closed and i think it comes without saying we will have delays at the the airport, so pack your patients heading down to catch a flight out of philadelphia, chris and lauren, back over to you. president barack obama wants to you comment him, like him, share his post, all that. >> president is having his own personal facebook page. president obama public figure went live monday and had 200,000 likes in the the first three hours. page is latest white house move to spread message through social media. obama has long had a twitter account and his political campaigns have been on facebook for years. >> he sound like us with the shameless plug, i want to you like and share, and post on my
4:50 am
page. >> so if he follows you, right, becomes your friend, you get a friend request from the president. >> how cool will that. >> he post. >> what if he shares one of our post. >> or comments on one of your post. in entertainment news, this is chris's favorite story, definitely in the over between chloe kardashian and james harden. >> they were spotted out together and quite coasty they were seen at the lure nightclub on sunday night, not the first time since the medical emergency with lah marrowed om. so what does this mean for the the pair. harden isn't talking but... >> you got your rhythm going right now? >> this is how you look at me every morning. >> roll his eyes. >> how was your night last night. >> do it again.
4:51 am
>> hey, lauren who is the guy that asked you out in that picture. hey lauren, i know you book a lot of trips every weekend but where are youinging this weekend. >> roll eyes. >> chloe talked to yahoo style about harden and odom and she admitted she's figuring it all out. a greenhouse is part of the effort to get those in salt lake city to eat healthier, how officials plan to take this grass roots idea to the next level.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
stevey ray vaughn, this is a live version. >> hey. >> can i pull my ear piece out. >> that is a shot of allentown there. >> man. >> a bus turn greenhouse in salt lake city is helping those tone courage those in the a area to lead a healthy lifestyle. >> we now have more on this story. >> i can describe it as an ice creek truck with veggies.
4:55 am
so we will travel around to five different stops, in the poplar grove neighborhood in partnership with salt lake city to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to the neighborhood. >> reporter: green urban lunch box is known as creating a a mobile greenhouse inside an old school bus but the organization is taking it to the next level, starting next spring, half of the bus will be converted into a mobile produce cart. the ultimate goal, finding creative ways to fight hung inner salt lake city. >> there is tons of people who just don't have access to quality, healthy food, you know whether because of price, or just plane access. you don't own a car and live a mile from the grocery store or 2 miles from the grocery store it is hard to get groceries for a family of four. >> reporter: first step starts here at this empty lot on 11th west and 33rd south. volunteers were out pressing the land for new farmer training site, they cleared the area of weeds, trees and other species so others can til the land and get it ready
4:56 am
for farmers next spring. pro tuesday that comes out of it will be used in the new mobile cart. >> we know if people eat more fruits and vegetables we will lower risk of cancer, diabetes and chronic diseases like that. >> volunteers says it is easy to get involved in the project especially fit means feeding more mouths. >> you cannot have a bad day volunteering because work you are doggies really beneficial and someone really needs it. while it might be labor intensive it is fun to have your team and your friends working with you. >> how much more smaller can you get then going out in the neighborhood in which your office originates and just giving back. >> reporter: green urban lunch box in partner slip with utah against hunger a and city wrote a grant to the u.s. d a a to receive funning for the project. starting first week of june, 2016, the bus will visit sites like the soreson community center and heart land community center twice a week. families will be able to get their fresh pre dues at an affordable cost for the following 22 weeks. >> it is that two side of the
4:57 am
picture and these farmers need to make a living growing food and people need affordable quality healthy food. i love the programming that we do because it is a creative use of space. >> reporter: in the news room tam ron, fox 13, utah. if you struggle you're certainly not alone. fortunately, many have found a different kind of medicine that lowers blood sugar. imagine what it would be like to love your numbers.
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do not take invokana® if you have severe kidney problems or are on dialysis. stop taking and call your doctor right away if you experience symptoms such as rash, swelling, or difficulty breathing or swallowing. tell your doctor about any medical conditions, medications you are taking, and if you have kidney or liver problems. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. another hearing for kathleen kane happening today, will the state attorney general be able to continue to
5:00 am
practice law without a license? good morning, steve? >> reporter: catching criminals or catching some z's that is the big question behind a big picture spreading, on line, chris? steve, thank you. lets get to sue now, looking at the weather, hi there, sue. >> you will be tempt todd sleep in when you look inside and see all this rain moving in. will it be an all day event? we will answer that question and more in the weather authority forecast, lauren. a 30 year-old case in delaware may finally be solved how police discovered this woman, killed a retired schoolteacher. >> um. >> good day, it is november 10th, 2015. it is national forget me not today and national vanilla cup cake day in honor of the vanilla cup cake day i had a building egg. >> no. >> it is heart bowled. this is my pre teen because i'm not a big meat either so turf get ways to get protein. i need vet


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